Rewind Systems

The rewind system is critical to achieving evenly wound coils with uniform tension, and involves both the design of the individual components and the engineered line arrangement.

Alcos offers several recoiler designs and exit rewind system to maximize productivity and all the slit coils to be removed without delay.

Our recoilers include both Standard Cantilever Recoiler designs which can be provided with or without outboard bearing supports, which conveniently retract to allow access to unload the coils, and our Turret Recoilers, which rapidly rotate to allow “off-line coil banding.”

Alcos Coil Retaining Systems can be provided to retain the slit mults during coil banding.

Alcos Rewind Systems for Coil Slitting Lines

Alcos hydraulically expanded multi-wedge hardened recoiler drums incorporate our integral gripper system which compensates for variations in material thickness. The drums can be provided as fixed designs with removable saddles, or rapidly interchangeable quill type to accommodate various sizes of coil ID.

Exit handling systems usually include exit coil cars to complete with self-contained coil retainers to ensure that narrow mults remain upright during traversing and transfer turnstiles with hydraulic push off units.