Strand Retainer Systems

Alcos Strand Retainer Systems: Protect your slitting line operators from loose strands.

Are your slitting line operators fully protected from loose strands?

The increased demand for high yield strength materials has caused some older over-arm strip separators to be unable to withstand the additional unwind forces of the slit coils.

This can result in some loose strands “clock springing” from under the over arm separator.

The Alcos Strand Retaining Systems can be retrofitted existing recoilers to clamp the slit strands after the coil is fully wound and provide additional protection for the operator while banding or end taping the OD of the slit coils.

The Alcos system utilizes a series of flexible polyurethane retaining fingers to accommodate the variations in the finished shape and the OD of the slit coils.

The retainer is conveniently raised during strip feed up and line run and lowered when the coil is completely wound. This is done before any personnel can approach the coil.

Alcos Strand Retainer System - Coil Slitting Lines

Alcos strand retainer systems are designed to mount on the existing over-arm separator but they can be supplied as free standing independent units.

A minimum of one finger per slit strand is recommended but additional fingers can be added as required.

The retaining clamp fingers are nominally 1.5 ins wide and therefore do not allow OD banding of strands narrower than 2 ins nominal width.

In some cases, it may be necessary to modify the existing overarm separator and/or increase the strength of the separator pneumatic actuating cylinder to accept the additional loads imposed by this unit.

Alcos can provide a turnkey solution including an engineering site visit and all mechanical and electrical installation.

Alcos strand retainer systems for slitting lines


  • It should be noted that these systems are not completely fool proof but serve to provide additional protection for an otherwise dangerous area.
  • These units do not eliminate the need for perimeter safety guarding or other safety procedures.
  • Alcos does not accept any responsibility for the operation practices we advise that all slitting line users should retain the services of a qualified safety engineering consultant company to evaluate operation practices.